12 Weeks to
Health and Fitness

Rachel and Danielle

Discover the Real Keys to Healthy Living, & Why Your Last Weight Loss Challenge Didn't Stick!

So, Are You Sick of it Yet? ...

...Buying bigger clothes - AGAIN

...Keeping New Years Resolutions Quiet, in case you don't follow through AGAIN

...Looking in the Mirror and Wondering, 'What Happened?'

...Finding Creative Ways to Justify Your Weight to Yourself and Others

Rachel SmithI’m writing this because, like so many others, you may be feeling that your clothing is a little tighter than it should be at this time of year!

  • Maybe you have lost weight before but put it all back on again afterwards?
  • Maybe you are a little confused on how to lose those last 5-10kg and have given up because everything you tried hasn’t worked?
  • Or maybe you know exactly how to do it, but motivation is your enemy?!

There actually many good reasons why you still feel like this, and even if you've been on weight loss challenges, it's NOT your fault!  You've been caught up in the same industry which has been trapping people in a vicious cycle for decades.

The Good News -
We Can Help You!

Secret # 1

Getting the body you want is NOT about spending hours on the treadmill or those arduous cardio sessions!  The longer and harder you train does NOT necessarily equal the greatest results - Thankfully! 

It has been proven in studies that long cardio sessions alone will not decrease body fat.  You might get fitter, but you will not get lean without doing something else as well.

Secret # 2

Getting the body of your dreams is NOT about restrictive diets and counting calories OR EVEN 'calories in v's calories out'.  That model has also been debunked, though it is still taught in most places.  You do NOT have to go hungry to lose weight and look and feel great! 

Calories are NOT all created equal, so counting them doesn't even make sense!  We will show you how, by eating the right foods, you can eat as much as you like and still tighten up your body.  It's about a good nutrition plan, not a restrictive and temporary diet.  As soon as you finish a temporary diet, if you go back to eating the same, then you will also go back to the same weight.  1+1=2. 

The state of your body is due to the state of your lifestyle and you cannot lose weight and then return to your previous habits, without putting it all back on again.  Short term diet = short term results.  Lifestyle change = lifelong results!

Secret # 3

Low fat, low salt, low carb foods are NOT your friends!  They're NOT good for you!

All "diet" drinks and foods are highly processed and high in toxic rubbish which is considerably worse for you than the scapegoat they are presenting.  If nothing else, please stop trusting the people making money from killing you slowly and making you glow in the dark!

Another Common Myth

Your body fat is NOT primarily for the purpose of storing energy!

Your body is not confused, thinking you are struggling to survive out in the middle of some post-apocalyptic wasteland, desperately packing away supplies in the pudge-pantry, ready for the long cold winter.

Again, this is faulty logic and faulty teaching we have put up with for decades.  Your body fat is quarantined excess sugar and toxins that you have put into your body; and once it has been quarantined as fat, it must be dealt with as a toxin.  When your body has the resources the fat is broken down and oxidised.  Then it is effectively breathed out through your lungs!

For example: Being fat does not make you a good long distance runner, even though we have been led to believe that it is energy stored up for later.  If it is not able to be burned off quick enough to feed muscles, then it is NOT energy stored up for later!

At BodySmith Fitness, we're running the PERFECT program for you.

Not just a weight loss challenge!

To do it our way...

Step # 1

You don't need to spend hours on the treadmill!  Your training will be shorter, more intense bursts of heavier, compound exercises using large muscle groups, not a marathon.

Your muscles partly work as sugar sinks.  The stronger, denser or bigger muscles are, the more sugar they will pull from your blood after you use them, keeping your blood sugar levels more stable.

This doesn't mean you need to get big muscles; dense muscles work well too.  Get stronger = shed fat.

Step # 2

All you need to do is understand nutrition and you will not be duped by food producers any longer.  The problem is that most nutrition education is produced BY the food companies.

Your body was designed very well - you should not have to micro manage every little thing to maintain a good body.  Just eat the right things and you will never have to go hungry to get and keep a good body!

We provide a well balanced nutrition guide and coach you through this side of your routine as well, to make it as easy as possible and give you plenty of options.

99% of people cannot maintain a strict dietary lifestyle, so unless you want to compete in bodybuilding competitions, it's just about understanding nutritional guidelines, the reasons for them and then living within those boundaries.  This gives you options, and frankly, it means it doesn't suck the enjoyment out of life!

Elaine weight loss challenge

"After seeing the advertisement on Facebook, I knew this was what I needed to get me motivated to lose the weight that kept creeping on, after years of yo-yo dieting. The meal plan was easy to follow and I found the shopping lists really helpful.  I never felt hungry.  Each exercise session was different and with every week I challenged myself more to improve my fitness level.  Around the 8 week mark I struggled a little but pushed through with motivation from my partner and Rachel.
I still have a little way to go but this 12 weeks has been a great start for a healthier lifestyle!  I will continue!"

Step # 3

Basically turn everything upside down.  Eating fat does not make you fat.  Sugar is bad, but not as bad as what they replace it with, and we'll deal with that.  Salt is not bad, but it must be quality salt, NOT regular table salt, which is bad.  Low carb (even) is not necessary, so long as it is balanced out with protein, vitamins and minerals.  Basically, if they're selling you a form of processed food, then ignore their nutritional advice.  We will recommend the right supplements for you to get the best results - and it isn't going to cost you mega bucks and you won't be swallowing a pharmacy!

The Result -

So, once we increase the density and the size of muscles, we increase our capacity to correctly store and regulate blood sugar, ready for use in the muscles when called upon.

At the same time we also increase our blood volume and flow of blood through the circulatory system by increasing the size of arteries and veins, and therefore the oxygen carrying capacity and potential to deliver blood throughout the body, which enables us to break down and oxidise fat faster.

By eating nutrient dense foods and supplements and reducing the amount of new sugar and toxins being introduced into our body, we stop storing new fat and give our body a chance to break down and eliminate the existing toxic waste/fat.

This is why detoxes often result in headaches and feeling terrible in the short term - because you're releasing toxins back into your system in order to get rid of them.

Like a bucket of mud with a hole in the bottom.  It will eventually drain out, but not if we're still pouring more in the top at the same time.  But if we start pouring water instead in the top, AND add more holes in the bottom, it will drain much faster.  Gradually the mud gets thinner and drains quicker, and so on.  I'm sure you get the idea.

The Effect on Your Life -
  • You'll feel healthy and stronger!
  • You'll start to think more clearly!
  • You'll drop body fat!
  • Your gut will shrink!
  • You'll have much more energy and enthusiasm!
  • You'll fit into smaller clothes again!
  • Your confidence will skyrocket!
  • Your life will be awesome!

I PROMISE that all this is possible with the right tools, and it’s NOT EVEN THAT HARD!

Ian Weightloss Challenge

"I've been overweight for years and with older age creeping up, I felt it was time to do something.  The issues of heart risk factors such as age, being male, obese, with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and being a heavy drinker plus aches and pains made it easier to talk myself into taking some responsibility for my health and fitness with a small push from my partner.  We made the commitment together.  It has been great, and I didn't find too many issues holding me back once I made my mind up.
I have just finished the 12 week challenge, but just started down the road to a healthier life.
Thank you Rachel!"

ELaine and Ian
Weight Loss Challenge Disclaimer

There exist some REALLY quick ways to lose weight! (if that's what you need)  This is not one of those!

None of those ways are healthy and none of those ways are conducive to keeping weight off.  Most people who lose weight on diets or extreme weight loss challenge training programs or meal replacements or drugs or significant supplement programs, will gain it back again, if they even manage to see out the program. 

A diet is, by nature, a short term fix.  Your shape and weight and body composition is a direct result of your lifestyle, so as soon as your lifestyle returns to normal, so does your body return to it's 'normal' state, based on your given lifestyle.  If you want your body to change and stay changed, then YOU must change your choices and your lifestyle in a more permanent way. 

Lifestyles don't change overnight and they are difficult to alter in any extreme fashion.  Therefore extreme diets and extreme weightloss measures don't produce long lasting results.

We show you how to get healthy and fit!  Weight loss is a direct result of getting fit and healthy and this kind of weight loss is a sustainable product of our unique program!

If you are not ready to change WHO you are, this program isn’t for you (yet)!

Again, there are only very limited places available, so please, if you are not ready to hear what you need to hear or make the commitment, then leave the spot for somebody else.  We don't need your money and we do want to see lives changed!  We have a list of success stories because our whole program is about keeping it real! 

If something is not sustainable long term, then we don't ask you to do it because there is a better way.

Get ready to feel:

  • Confident - wearing clothes you haven’t fit into for years!
  • Happy - exercise makes you feel great!
  • Energetic - spring out of bed!
  • Fit - be able to run for the bus without jiggling!
  • In control! - Finally, YOU control the outcomes that your body experiences, and you know what you need to do to get the results that you want!

Join us TODAY to take us up on the program and you will be welcome to bring a friend with you to your first training session!

What you need is a combination of things, each maximised to achieve the best results in a good timeframe.

The first thing you need is A GREAT COACH to help you put it all together.

I am a fully qualified Physiotherapist, having spent years in private practice before partnering in the creation of BodySmith Fitness.  I spent 10 years competing in gymnastics, 6 years competing in Olympic Weightlifting (and was ranked 7th in Australia in 2006), I am a dan graded Karate Black Belt, I have reached Level 5 in the FitRanX system and I have spent COUNTLESS hours studying the science of good health and nutrition.  Suffice to say, I know what I'm talking about.

When Matt and I built BodySmith Fitness, we wanted to forge a healthier world.  But it wasn't going to happen without giving people the extra support and service that they needed to be able to reach their goals.  I became sick of walking past the Colonnades food court and seeing people literally eating themselves to death, so I decided I had to put this program together to make it super easy for you.  Easy to decide you should do it, easy to actually do it, and easy to keep on achieving results long into the future.

So, I've shared a ton of useful information about why you haven't gotten the results you're looking for, but information alone is not going to get you the results you're trying to achieve.  You need the systems, the tools, the motivation, the education and the action to save you from repeating the same cycles again.

This 12 Week BodySmith System WILL get you to the next level, and way past it!

What's YOUR Health and Fitness Worth to you?  And where else can you find this system, delivered by such an experienced team of Fitness Professionals?

*** Our testimonial people are all only a matter of weeks or couple of months in, and still moving forward, but making amazing headway - the pics just don't do them justice to how far they've all come! ***

Nat has been a member of gyms for a while but has struggled to keep her weight under control because she was eating and drinking the wrong things.  She decided she wanted to lose weight and started on one of our challenges.  She did exceedingly well over a short amount of time!  She has earned her level 1 FitRanX and we're confident that she'll be on board for more training soon to get her level 2!
The next thing you need is TRAINING SESSIONS to get your body kickstarted.

Anyone who is serious about learning something, getting fit, getting strong, competing in sport at a high level, or working in a disciplined role, gets training.  From school to higher education, to the military, to on the job training, to athletes at any level of sport, all accept coaching!  Gone are the days when we consider personal trainers are reserved for celebrities and if your perception of fitness trainers is that of a paid spotter, then you have probably never used one (or used a good one).

I shouldn't really need to convince you of what you need.  You know whether or not you need this program.

So, here's the thing; in life, we can have one of two things.  We can have the body we've always wanted, that we have worked hard for and have overcome all the physical obstacles that stood in our way to prevail and achieve.  The physical condition we can be proud of!  Or, we can have excuses.  And that's it!  So right now, you have two options, and that's it.  You can sign up, you can get involved and you can come and have what you want.

Option # 2

You come up with some excuse as to why you can't afford it, or why you can't do it yet, ... or whatever your excuse is today - that's fine, but the reality is, you can't have both.  You can realise what life is all about and make the choice to head towards effortlessly bounding through life with all the strength and energy you need and more, looking great and feeling fantastic, or you can have the excuses, and you have to decide right now which one you want!

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have an awesome life, bouncing out of bed and ready to meet each day head on, and that's why you need to invest in yourself right now!  Because who else is going to?

Am I striking a chord yet?

But personal training can be expensive and averages somewhere around $100/hour for someone who knows what they're doing and values their own worth and doesn't treat you like a number!  And here's the thing; to get the attention you deserve, you need to be paying that much, because you don't know what you don't know, and it's a trainers job to be doing research and development on your behalf.

Then you really can't get fit doing only 1 session/week, so we're talking $200-300/week depending on who you use and how many sessions you get.

Introducing Small Group Personal Training!
We can still focus on individuals while having small groups of people in a personal training session.  All of a sudden, this brings personal training into the reach of many more 'normal' income bracket people, while still giving you the attention required to get you the results you deserve.  This basically halves the associated costs on your end - and because you all have the same goals, it's easier for the trainer to meet all of your needs!
Kyle weight loss challenge
Kyle is a stay-at-home Dad who found it difficult to put on his shoes due to discomfort he felt in his gut when he tried to tie his laces. He was frequently lethargic and would nap while his toddler napped to try to regain some energy.  After starting our program, he reported that he was able to do up his laces without pain and he didn't feel tired during nap time so he would lie there twiddling his thumbs, waiting for her to wake up.

Next, we'll take a look at WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING up to now, and see what needs to change.

Most of us have been fed a false set of health related values, and it has been killing us slowly for most of our lives.

The industries which have been feeding us our health and fitness related education, are usually also the industries which make money from our purchases of processed foods, never ending home exercise equipment, an upside down food pyramid and numerous associated economies which leech off of us for as long as we subscribe to their veiled marketing and accept their conveniently structured research data and conclusions.

We'll take a look at your lifestyle, particularly eating habits, point out the tripping hazards you probably didn't think were an issue and show you how to best address them.

Don't be scared to share details of your lifestyle here, we're not here to judge, just find all the ways we can help you get the results you're working towards.  The more things we can change, the better results we can get you!

Here's the deal; it's time to say 'Goodbye' to life feeling like hard work!  That feeling of dragging yourself out of bed in the morning or struggling to find the energy to get up, once you've sat down after your day.  "Goodbye" to all those things you hate about being overweight or unfit and 'Goodbye' to lagging behind everyone else, or the kids, or the rest of the team!

It's time to say 'Goodbye' to the fears of being unattractive to your partner or prospective partners, or feeling like you can't keep up at work or on holidays or worse yet, in the bedroom.  These are all legitimate fears and problems so many of us do, but don't need to, have.

Maybe this is speaking to you?

Elaine weight loss challenge

Elaine was having a hard time losing weight so she joined us on our program and has since discovered her weight gain triggers!  She has a good support network with many friends that train with her in the gym and she is very dedicated to her own training.  She wants to become a bodybuilder down the track!

Next, you LEARN WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR MOUTH, what NOT to put in your mouth, and why.

Let us rebuild your idea of healthy eating and show you why this is necessary.

Our nutrition program is enlightening, educational and solid in practical guidance.

It is NOT a diet.

You are not restricted in how much you can eat, so long as you are eating good, whole, healthy foods and you have plenty of options to keep you going.

The reality is that portion size only matters when what you are eating is not good for you!  Read that again and let it sink in.  Doesn't that make sense?  To over-simplify; if you are still hungry, then you have not given your body the nutrients it needs and so it's asking for more.  But good food doesn't come with toxins that need to be quarantined and stored as fat.  Good food allows you to take the nutrients and pass the rest.  Bad food needs to be restricted because your body can only deal with so much at a time!  Sure, there is some overlapping grey area in there, but that's really the crux of it, and it makes sense, right?

You will come out the other side knowing how to eat healthy and where the boundaries are, when you can push them and when you shouldn't.

Right now, you're probably struggling with what to eat, when to eat and how you can eat them, in order to stay healthy and retain enough energy throughout the day without stacking on weight or feeling hungry all day.  But after investing in yourself with this program, these issues are gone!

Right now, balancing these things might be a big deal, but no longer.

Next, we need to TRACK YOUR RESULTS.

If we don't track your results properly, it is much harder to see your progress, so we need to take a look at precisely where you're at all along the way.  There's nothing better than seeing how far you've come along your journey, especially if it includes weight loss!

We use ultrasound (like a baby scan) tech and even the quality of your fat can be seen over time, as the training improves muscle tone and density.

This is the only way to see the true results of the program on your body, since as your muscle density increases, you will gain weight, while at the same time lose weight from burning up your excess body fat.

For example: You might lose 5kg on the scales, but since you have also added 5kg of lean muscle, this means you must have lost 10kg of actual body fat and this will be represented in body fat percentages, circumferences and can be literally seen in the ultrasound.

So standing on the scales is just one of the lesser metrics we look at to really see how your health and fitness is coming along.

Rob weight loss challenge

Rob wanted to change his body, but he needed help to sort it out.  We started him doing the small group personal training and using our Nutrition Program and he started noticing results straight away!  Initially he struggled to do a sit-up and had to hold onto his own legs to get up.  He now has improved confidence and fitness, a desire to continue with training, has lost at least 10kg of body fat, he has reached level 2 in FitRanX and he can do 60 sit-ups without holding on (but he still doesn't like them much).  He is super keen to continue dropping weight and gain his level 3 FitRanX.  He loves that the Nutrition Program is easy to follow and doesn't feel like a diet, so he can keep it up forever. 

Summarising the Program:

  • BodySmith Personal Training Sessions

    Attend at least 2 Small Group Personal Training sessions per week, to get the most bang for your training buck. Value = 24-48 sessions x $50.00ea = $1,200.00 - $2,400.00

  • Nutritional Program and Food Diary

    We provide a tailored Nutritional Guide, education and support. Value = $127.00

  • Personal Nutritional Analysis

    We will look at what you're eating, what we need to eliminate, what we need to add and what combination of things are at the root of your problem. Value = $47.00

  • Weighs and measures

    We take height, weight, circumferences and an ultra-sound view of your body fat, muscle and bone layers to establish an accurate body fat percentage, with before and after pics.Value = 4 x $47.00 = $188.00

This is all the pieces of the weight loss challenge puzzle, right here!

  • The Training Sessions - Value $1,200.00 - $2,400.00
  • The Nutrition Plan - Value $127.00
  • The Personal Lifestyle/Nutritional Analysis - Value $47.00
  • 4 x Ultrasound weighs and measures to track your results - Value $188.00

Total Value = $1,562.00 - $2,762.00

Reality Check Time: If you bought a coffee each morning before work, for $4, over the course of the year, you would have spent over a thousand dollars!  Now, I know a lot of people say they can't live without their coffee each morning, so this example is really not much of a stretch.

Heck, I know people that buy 2 or 3 coffees each day!

Each person's perspective is quite different, but I would say your health and fitness is more vital to your life than coffee!  And if you don't have your health and fitness right now, then it could even be a matter of life and death, over the coming years.  Not to be overly dramatic, but that's the truth!

So How valuable is YOUR health and fitness to you?

We also see plenty of people coming through, who have tried different programs before with different trainers or different diets or meal replacements and the list is quite extensive, of all the things people have already tried before coming to us.  They have various reasons for not succeeding, many of which come back to the program being unsustainable in the long term.  We strive to make the program very achievable, with just 2 training sessions required per week and the option of attending up to 2 extra per week.

OK, Wait, Let's make it even easier to succeed!

All this is great, we provide ALL the tools you need and reveal the secrets that have been hidden from you regarding the truth behind Health and Fitness.

BUT, in our fast-paced lifestyle many of us are facing issues with motivation and time constraints.  "What if I can't make it to all of the training sessions?" for example.

"My job means I can't always..."

"My kids mean I might not always be able to..."

We get it; we all live in the real world where we all need to make a living and be parents and students and employees and more.

So we have 3 extra bonuses for you, to help take away all the reasons you might possibly fall away or not be able to make even this program work for you.

Plus Bonus # 1
1:1 Personal Training Session

Because we are dedicated to your success, we want you to have a personal training session before you start the group sessions.  This will ensure that we know about any individual needs you have and that we meet them in the group sessions.  Be fully prepared for success!

Value = $70.00!

Plus Bonus # 2
Access to the Facebook Group

Access to our dedicated closed Facebook group, giving tips, advice, recipes, motivation and more.  This is a close knit community who are in the trenches with you, or have been there and done exactly what you're doing, with past and present program participants.  Motivation is difficult and saboteurs (usually family and friends) are commonplace, so we need to plug you into a community of like minded people on a similar journey, so you don't fall off the bandwagon before we get to the finish line.

Value = Priceless!

Plus Bonus # 3
Regular Emails and Home Training Videos

Let's just up your support a notch, with regular emails for motivation and support, suggestions and we'll even provide some links to some video training sessions designed for you to be able to complete outside of the gym if you're ever unable to make it in.

Value = $47.00

So let's recap what you're getting:

  • The Training Sessions - Value $1,200.00 - $2,400.00
  • The Nutrition Plan - Value $127.00
  • The Personal Lifestyle/Nutritional Analysis - Value $47.00
  • 3 x Ultra-sound weighs and measures to track your results - Value $141.00
  • Bonus #1 1:1 Personal Training Session - Value $70.00
  • Bonus #2 Access to the Closed Facebook Group - Value Priceless
  • Bonus #3 Support Emails and home training videos - Value $47.00

Total Value = $1,632.00 - $2,832.00+

At these prices, what you're getting is your life back!  That is a bargain at any price!

But we want to make this so affordable for you that it's a no-brainer!  This is about improving quality of life and we can't do that by making it financially awkward for you.  Some are doing better than others and we appreciate that, so we wanted to make this a decision about your commitment to yourself, not a financial decision.

We can't change the world if we're only prepared to work with wealthy people!

And so...

All this, we're doing for
Only $59/week!

(For a limited time only!)

But this also means it will fill to capacity even quicker and spaces are extremely limited!

And, if that isn't enough incentive for you, the first 10 people will get the opportunity to save $30 off the first week for them AND a friend!!

*Very Limited spots available for these Group PT sessions.*

Step 1. Contact Us Now to get started...

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