5 Ways You Can Keep Fit at Work!

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Do you, like many others, find that you’re too busy working to exercise?

Aside from saying the obvious response which is that it’s all a matter of priorities and that you will even drop work hours if you truly think exercise is important enough to you, there are heaps of ways you can squeeze in a little extra exercise at and around your work.

Being active is important for optimal mental agility so you will be more productive in your work hours if you can get some exercise done.

We encourage our clients to exercise before work, after work or even during work hours by booking in exercise like any other appointment during the day and sticking to it. The key is to keep exercise sessions short and effective so that you don’t miss lunch and can do it 2-3 times per week.

Here are a few more tips –
Tip 1: Use the stairs

This is a great way to tighten the leg muscles right from the calves through to the bum.  You can challenge yourself too – try running up them (when you’re not carrying stuff!) or taking 2 at a time!

Tip 2: Pedal as you type

For around $40 from Ebay, you can buy yourself some pretty cool under desk pedals with adjustable resistance – and these are also great for grandparents who need to do a little extra exercise at home while staying safe!

Tip 3: Walk 20mins before lunch

Take a change of clothes, go on an empty stomach and walk fast with your work colleague.  You can keep each other accountable!

Tip 4: Exercise via travel

Park further away – or bus or ride to work.  With a little bit of extra organisation, you can get your daily exercise while getting yourself to and from work and reap the rewards!

Tip 5: Sit to stands

Each time you go to get out of your chair, stay on the spot and do 10 sit to stands.  All those reps build up over the day and can result in super strong and lean thighs!

Just remember to be creative, any movement is better than none and adding short bouts of exercise throughout the day will help you burn more energy and reduce stress!

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Rachel completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2006 and left private practise to open BodySmith Fitness with her husband, Matt Smith, in 2014. Rachel was awarded her Black Belt and Diploma from the Japan Karate Association in 2012. Rachel spent 6 years in competitive Olympic Weightlifting and in 2006 was ranked 7th in Australia in her class. Rachel spent 10 years in Gymnastics growing up, which set her up to springboard into her other pursuits. 😉 Rachel has extensively researched Health and Nutrition and this is her passion; to help people in their Fitness journey.