Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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It’s cliche, but it’s really true.  Both in fitness and in life, so it’s time for a little motivation.

Life is short!  Don’t waste your time on people who say they will do things for you but never actually DO anything.  You know, those people who are all talk and no substance.

The people you can trust in life are those who say they’ll show and they show.  Or who say up front in the first place “I can’t do that.” – Appreciate their honesty.

And if someone asks you for a favour, it’s always OK to say no.  Don’t push yourself beyond what you are legitimately able or happy to do.  But if you say yes, be the person that follows through.  It’s always appreciated!

If you have been in a few not-so-great relationships, you will recognise the person who’s all talk.  It’s the person who says they love you but their actions don’t match their words.

By the same token, don’t BE that person.  If you reach a point in your life when you finally realise that the value of life is not built around material possessions or trophies or conquests, or whatever superficial things we can be deceived into running after; when you start searching for the deeper meaning to your existance, you’ll realise that your words can be powerful.  So don’t empty your words of their power by not following through on things.

Without getting lost by going off on a tangent, there are things in life which are powerful and last forever and things which don’t.  Usually we get these things confused.  Don’t get confused; there’s a reason we respect some people and not others.  But it takes depth, it takes strength and it takes character.  Build the difficult things in yourself.

Be the person that YOU respect.  Develop your habitual integrity.


2nd Dan grading success

Winning can become a habit in life, if you push yourself to do what you say and say what you do.  Unfortunately losing can also become a habit, when you don’t place enough value on your words and your actions and finishing what you commit to.  Don’t EVER quit!  Push yourself through whatever it is you’re doing or going through.

The more you refuse to give up, the more you push through and the more power you place in your own words, the more you will become a habitual winner!

When you go to the gym, do you rely on a pre-workout fix?  Or do you dig deep and motivate yourself, developing your strength of character by exercising your mental dominance over your tired body?  It’s entirely up to you who you become!

This applies to so many things in life but health and fitness is a big one!  So if you know someone who talks about their health and fitness or getting a gym membership, tell them that actions speak louder than words, and talking about getting fit doesn’t ACTUALLY make them fit 😉

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Matt completed his Management qualifications at the Aust Institute of Fitness in 2014, when he left his trade and opened BodySmith Fitness with wife, Rachel Smith. Matt was awarded his Black Belt and Diploma from the Japan Karate Association and completed his Coaching Accreditation from the Aust Sports Commission in 2012 and now teaches Shotokan Karate from the BodySmith Dojo. Matt has also spent the last 25 years in and out of the gym and has developed a strong understanding of muscle growth, which is what he enjoys helping people with in the BodySmith Gym.