Fitness Testing and Grading

In Fitness by Matt Smith

Fitness testing and ranking or grading should be a standard concept in most facilities, so members can see measurable results against the ‘Old Self’ and rate their progress against people from all over the world.

At BodySmith Fitness, we have taken the FitRanX System, developed by Sargent Nick Rians, which uses cross training strength and conditioning exercises, much like crossfit training, to establish a global fitness grading or ranking levels platform.

This system is much like a karate grading system and after training and being considered ready to grade, clients are invited to take the test for their next level.

Our inner circle gym members and personal training clients are having huge success using crossfit style workouts and exercises with this system and love training for new levels.

Without a standardised system for establishing fitness benchmarks and working through them, the question of ‘How’s your fitness coming along?’ is much like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’.  Very difficult to answer with any kind of imperical certainty.

FitRanX is the answer!

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Matt Smith


Matt completed his Management qualifications at the Aust Institute of Fitness in 2014, when he left his trade and opened BodySmith Fitness with wife, Rachel Smith. Matt was awarded his Black Belt and Diploma from the Japan Karate Association and completed his Coaching Accreditation from the Aust Sports Commission in 2012 and now teaches Shotokan Karate from the BodySmith Dojo. Matt has also spent the last 25 years in and out of the gym and has developed a strong understanding of muscle growth, which is what he enjoys helping people with in the BodySmith Gym.