How to Stay Committed to Gym Forever

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There are a lot of unhappy people in this world. Maybe you’re one of them. 8.9% of Australians are on antidepressants and in 2015, 3027 Australians committed suicide. That’s an average of 8.29 people per day. Sobering statistics. A lot of suffering people hide their feelings and eat them. This not only does not improve their unhappiness but they become even more unhappy as they see their unhealthy reflection in the mirror. Some people seek a solution to this in the gym.

I applaud this because it’s better than MANY alternatives, but seeking a solution in the gym is the wrong way to achieve your happiness. If you’re overweight and unhappy, and then you lose weight, you are likely to remain unhappy when you lose the weight.

Happiness comes from within, and is influenced by health factors – which can be addressed by good nutrition. Want a better diet? We can help. Ask us about our 9-week challenge.

If you join a gym to find your happiness, what happens about 3 months in when you are no longer happier?  Endorphins can only get you so far.

resized_20160130_110612smallWhen I started playing Pokemon Go, I was so excited at the start, catching new Pokemons gave me a thrill of excitement and going up a level was so exciting. But one day after about 3 months, my excitement stopped. I no longer could be bothered detouring on my way home to collect items from Pokestops. I didn’t want to put up with the motion sickness to play Pokemon Go when I was a passenger. I lost all enthusiasm and just stopped playing. That’s what a lot of people do with gym! And why was that?

I didn’t do it for the love of the game. I was doing it for the excitement. I reached a slow point and no longer had a goal to reach, so I stopped.

That’s what a lot of people do when they join a gym. Instead of doing it for the love of exercise, they have a goal to reach and when it seems too hard or indeed too easy and no longer presents a challenge, they give up.

That’s why two things are important for you and gym. One, is to have lots of goals to reach that are at a suitable level for you. Goals that are challenging but achievable. We address this by utilising FitRanX – a fitness ranking system that provides you with a multitude of mini goals and 8 major goals to reach, and starts at a relatively basic level (although still difficult for many) and ends with you being a complete fitness machine!

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The other important factor is for you to be involved in the community. If gym is social for you and involves friendships, when you struggle with your goals you will continue to come for the social engagement. FitRanX is good for this too. People who struggle together bond together.

Get involved and make new friends. Step out of your comfort zone and speak to others. There is no better way to ensure you keep training!

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Rachel completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2006 and left private practise to open BodySmith Fitness with her husband, Matt Smith, in 2014. Rachel was awarded her Black Belt and Diploma from the Japan Karate Association in 2012. Rachel spent 6 years in competitive Olympic Weightlifting and in 2006 was ranked 7th in Australia in her class. Rachel spent 10 years in Gymnastics growing up, which set her up to springboard into her other pursuits. 😉 Rachel has extensively researched Health and Nutrition and this is her passion; to help people in their Fitness journey.