Cross Training

Welcome to BodySmith® Fitness and the system that will give you RESULTS fast!

It’s time to forget about diets, treadmills and trying to justify a cheap gym membership with good intentions but not enough motivation!

It’s time to forget about vague goals about wanting to look and feel better, Your future starts NOW and it starts HERE!

BodySmith® Fitness is the first facility to offer FitRanX™ training and grading in South Australia.  This system has been developed in the US and is now active and growing fast around the world. Fitranx Rank Level ChartWith all the benefits of Crossfit, without the same potential for injury.

The FitRanX™ grading system is like a karate belt grading system or military ranks, with specific strength tasks and conditioning tasks to be completed with strict adherence to form, and in many cases, time.  If you are even slightly competitive you will love this system!  It’s time to strengthen your mind and for your body to do as it’s told!

If you’ve tried to get fit, lose weight or reach sporting goals without success, we strongly suggest you take a look at group training and the FitRanX™ system. Not only is it addictive and rewarding, but you will legitimately be able to measurably compare your strength and fitness level with people from across the globe and see your name ranked online against thousands of others on the same road to fitness as you.

With all the benfits of Crossfit training (but without the dangerous practise of training strictly technical and/or heavy weight exercises on a time limit, exponentially increasing the risk of serious injury), FitRanX™ provides a very well balanced cross training experience, with all the functional fitness benefits that accompany such training, AND provides a credible grading system to measure your effort and results. If you have somewhere to be (in your fitness life) FitRanX™ will get you there asap.

Come in and check it out!

The BodySmith® Fitness Team

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