2 simple weight loss tips that involve minimal effort

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Would you give up 3 hours worth of TV per week in order to lose weight?  All you have to do is sacrifice 3 hours per week.  And that time is broken up into 3 training sessions of 45 minutes which is pretty generous, and 1 shopping session per week of 45 minutes, and you probably already go shopping anyway so that doesn’t even really count!!

Weight loss is just as much about food as it is about exercise. Without adequate knowledge in both areas you are headed for failure on your weight loss journey.

Weight loss tip number 1: Do your shopping online!

The major supermarket chains have online shopping now and while I don’t really promote buying from the big chains, being able to buy online has some major benefits:

Save time!
Delivered to your door
Avoid temptation and save money!!!

It is much easier to say no to the chocolate when you aren’t REALLY looking at it, and when you’ve just finished a meal at home. Shopping when hungry is bad news. You usually end up buying lots of stuff that you don’t really need and it either goes to waste or it goes on your hips.

Which-FruitThe other benefit to shopping online is that you can easily buy organic fruit and veg and other things online from organic stores. Organic food is absolutely worth it, and if you are concerned about the finances, go to www.ewg.org/foodnews/ and check out their clean 15 and dirty dozen list for the year. It’s based in the USA but I’m confident that a lot of the information transfers across to Australia.

The clean 15 are fruit and veg that are the least sprayed in general, so they’re the ones you should buy from the supermarket if you can’t afford organic. The dirty dozen are the ones that you should avoid from the supermarket and should buy organic if possible.

Where Do I Go For Organic Produce?

FamilyOrganicsThere are a few online fruit and veg (and other produce) stores in South Australia, and I recommend you do a Google search to find which one suits you best, but I buy from First Froots (www.firstfroots.com.au) because I find they have fast delivery and a huge range of products.

If you usually buy takeaways because you don’t have enough food around or you can’t be bothered cooking, you will be astounded by how much money you can save by buying the right (healthy) foods online!

Loosely speaking, everyone knows what’s healthy to eat and what’s not. By avoiding temptation when you go to the shops you give yourself a much better chance of buying healthy stuff to eat.

Weight loss tip number 2: Exercise the smart way!

You can lose weight in as little as 3x 45 minute sessions per week. And the best news is this: you don’t even really have to give up your TV for these sessions, as long as you are able to self motivate and can keep up the intensity of your training while the TV is on!

young woman doing indoor biking exercise on spinner

There is no secret to exercise for weight loss. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to train to get results. It seems strange because we have been taught the calories in, calories out model for such a long time and everyone thinks that it’s all about training volume, but it really isn’t.

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How Do You Do HIIT?

HIIT pretty much goes like this. Pick an exercise that is intense for you. It could be high knees, burpees, bike sprints, tuck jumps, squats or many more!

  • First, do a warmup to ensure you don’t injure yourself
  • Now do your exercise as a sprint, for about 30 seconds.
  • Once you are stuffed, stop, and start getting your breath back. Before your breath is fully recovered, sprint it again.

Repeat this process with as many different exercises as you like – the only real rule is that it must be an exercise that puts you out of breath when done as fast as you can. You can even get results from as little as 20 minutes doing exercise this way!!

Need ideas?  Click here for our list of 50 HIIT exercises you can use to create your workout!

You will find that your fitness improves rapidly, but you still won’t need more time of training overall to continue to improve – you just apply more intensity as you are able!

If you can spare just 3 hours per week and you are able to stay motivated to keep up your progress, you should get great weight loss results from utilising these techniques. And if you would like to know how Roger lost 7.7kg in 3 weeks, contact us for a free consultation!

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