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Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months or years when everything went wrong?  When it seemed like everything was working against you?

Have you ever felt like every day was groundhog day and you were working a job you hate and never getting ahead?

puzzleHave you felt like you were never going to reach your training goals, never going to lose that weight, always doomed to failure?  Have you never been able to successfully stick with a healthy diet?

Possibly the very thing that was standing in your way to success all this time was yourself.

We sometimes harbour negative, limiting beliefs about where we stand in the world.  This can sometimes be residual programming from childhood or adolescence.  And we can resent those who are successful in their lives.  Who doesn’t like to hate on the rich and famous from time to time?

I’ve Totally Been That Person!

The reality is that we are all born helpless and we all have a finite number of years to make something amazing out of our lives.  Not every ideal life looks the same to everyone – some want the great big house and pool, some want to be able to travel the world, some want a huge family to share their lives with.

One example of negative beliefs standing in your way is when someone gets a doctor’s prognosis – “you will never walk again”, or “you won’t be able to walk by the time you’re 60”.  I’ve seen this before, and I’ve seen people who have defied those statements.  But those who just accept the prognosis can be the victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you believe it, then you make the doctor right.

keppyourmoney2You don’t change your pattern of success or failure without changing yourself.  How many times do people win X Lotto, and before a year is out they’re in exactly the same position or worse than they were prior to that?  They came across “success” but they weren’t equipped to deal with it and create more success from it.

Don’t live like a crab at the bottom of a bucket, trying to drag down those around you who are successful.

Also, you can’t blame factors that have previously been a part of your life, such as your parents or past spouses.  Instead, seek those who are standing above you, reaching out their hands to help you grow.  They are out there.  Maybe you can’t directly rub shoulders with the rich and successful, but there are a lot of internet resources out there which can help.

They say we are all the average of the 5 people we rub shoulders with most often.  So who immediately comes to mind that you already know you need to cut loose if you ever want to get anywhere in life?  …Oh, you want to help them?  Sure, that’s a noble cause, as long as you’re not kidding yourself.  To pull people up to your level without letting them dragging you down instead, you must be very strong and secure in your own position, because it’s a lot easier to pull someone down or hold someone back, than it is to pull someone up or help them get ahead!referafriendtothegym6

There’s a reason you are told, on a plane flight, to fit your own oxygen mask first, before assisting friends and family.  You need to be breathing freely in your own life before you can stretch yourself to help others successfully.

Leave behind the negative people in your life who want to stew in mediocrity and keep you there with them.  Unfollow that negative person’s Facebook news feed!  Rise up and take what life has to offer people who seek something better from life.

When you’re ready, you’ll know it, and you’ll never be the same again.  Then others can follow you of their own free will, because they have chosen to look for someone or something to follow, and they will improve because they have made a commitment to grow, just like you did.

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Rachel Smith


Rachel completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2006 and left private practise to open BodySmith Fitness with her husband, Matt Smith, in 2014. Rachel was awarded her Black Belt and Diploma from the Japan Karate Association in 2012. Rachel spent 6 years in competitive Olympic Weightlifting and in 2006 was ranked 7th in Australia in her class. Rachel spent 10 years in Gymnastics growing up, which set her up to springboard into her other pursuits. 😉 Rachel has extensively researched Health and Nutrition and this is her passion; to help people in their Fitness journey.