Q: Why Does My Body Like To Be Fat?

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It really bothers me that there’s this common mentality that our bodies will do anything possible to store energy away “for a time of starvation” so if you eat a few extra calories all those calories will end up stored as energy for use later.

It’s just not true!!!

Assuming that your body is in normal health (no thyroid conditions or type 1 diabetes or such), your body functions in an amazingly beautiful, simple way.

It wants to exist in a healthy state.  It wants to keep your healthiest levels of body fat.  It wants to be free from toxins and provide you with boundless energy, perfect skin, hair and nails, strong teeth and bones and fertile loins (just saying).

So why doesn’t this happen?

Why do our bodies gain weight?


And not by keeping energy stored away for later.

When your body takes in fat-soluble toxins (many pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, skin chemicals, cleaning chemicals and more) through the food, skin or breath, one of two things happens: it is detoxified and somehow leaves your body, or the toxin remains in your body.  If it is detoxed, fantastic.  If not, your body cannot allow it to float around uninhibited, causing organ damage!  So what does it do?  It quarantines that sucker right in the middle of some fat, with the intention that later it will have the sufficient time and resources to manage the detoxification process.

“sugar is toxic as it is very STICKY”
The real MAIN cause of fat gain is not toxins, but sugar.  Too much sugar is toxic as it is very STICKY (think maple syrup running through your veins), and your body can store certain amounts in the sugar sinks (muscles and liver) but if you are consuming wild amounts in short time periods your body has another method of saving the day – by turning sugar into fat.  Sadly, as far as I am aware there is no method in the body for just urinating or defaecating mass amounts of sugar (or fat unless you are taking some crazy chemicals) so it is stored ON the body as a means of protecting your body from essentially fermenting in a vat of sugar.

“A healthy body can eat an ENORMOUS amount of HEALTHY calories without gaining weight”
A healthy body can eat an ENORMOUS amount of HEALTHY calories without gaining weight.  It puts the nutrients and energy to work bringing up your energy levels, raising the thermostat, improving digestion and skin quality, stimulating reproductive health and simply, catching up on all the crap it couldn’t do earlier while it was busy dealing with all the toxins it took in.  Making you HEALTHY and HAPPY.

Don’t get me wrong, there can be complex things that contribute to all this, but generally speaking the solution is simple:

  1. Don’t eat things your body doesn’t like – that varies for different people.
  2. Eat REAL food
  3. Avoid refined and processed crap.

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