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JKA Karate Christies Beach 

BodySmith Dojo, 43 Gulfview Road, Christies Beach

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Dojo Karate Kihon Training
BodySmith Fitness
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Kate FrancisKate Francis
11:17 29 Aug 23
Phoenix HeaftPhoenix Heaft
09:08 29 Aug 23
This gym is incredibly welcoming and has a vast variety of equipment, suited to any customer. The staff are helpful, and classes are fun and entertaining. A membership here was one of the greatest purchases I’ve made.
Karen SladeKaren Slade
03:46 27 Aug 23
Great place to work out. Friendly and helpful.
marianne johnsonmarianne johnson
22:50 26 Aug 23
Friendly professional staff who have made me feel welcome at the gym.
Yasmin LindsayYasmin Lindsay
13:24 23 Aug 23
Amy CanardAmy Canard
06:28 22 Aug 23
01:36 22 Aug 23
Michael FasanoMichael Fasano
21:05 18 Aug 23
Great friendly staff, amazing equipment, I love it so far an will continue to there’s always enough space to work out its great!
Jeremy HooJeremy Hoo
03:17 18 Aug 23
Just started using this gym. I have been very impressed with the facilities and plan to use on a regular basis. Thank you Rachel for your extremely friendly induction.🙂
23:59 16 Aug 23
An all-inclusive gym where everyone feels welcome and part of the team/class
Emily StaskaEmily Staska
08:21 12 Aug 23
shaun walkershaun walker
08:14 12 Aug 23
Great machines, Friendly staff and members, great local venue
Kel PhoenixKel Phoenix
12:46 11 Aug 23
Great little gym l, very conveniently located on Gulfview, heaps of security camera parking. Equipment is all well maintained and everyone I've seen using the gym has had the type of manners and courteousness you’d hope of a good gym. (Towels, resetting, keeping out of your bubble, etc).Price is awesome as well.
Mandy FlevillMandy Flevill
01:38 10 Aug 23
Love that its local people who own the gym. The place is friendly, great staff, lots of variety. The emails and videos are informative and Rachaels recipes are delish. 5 out of 5 from me.
Lara WilkesLara Wilkes
06:23 04 Aug 23
Byron GoodrickByron Goodrick
00:41 29 Jul 23
Amazing staff and a great place to train! Very inviting and welcoming especially for people that are t super comfortable in the gym space! Couldn’t recommend this place more highly 😊
Amanda ButlerAmanda Butler
09:42 22 Jul 23
Such a welcoming family feeling, all the staff I dealt will were so informative and answered any questions I had. They made sure I was doing all the exercises right and gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going.
Jorja Van Der HoekJorja Van Der Hoek
04:42 16 Jun 23
Felt very welcomed by all the staff and other members when I started my membership and gym journey last week. All the classes have modifications for new members and the trainers will help if you find anything difficult. All the equipment is easy to use and there’s plenty of space for everyone. I have already recommended BodySmith to friends and family in the area and I’m excited to see my progress in the gym! 😊
Shane CookShane Cook
09:58 07 Jun 23
Great place to train and have fun! Attentive trainers whom bring a lot of energy to the group classes. The classes run on time and are very well organised. The gym has a great community feeling also:)
Robert MillerRobert Miller
01:50 07 May 23
Bodysmith Fitness staff are very friendly, welcoming and supportive no matter your fitness level or goals. They have an excellent variety of equipment, fitness classes and a Karate Dojo! So If your looking for a Gym with a positive and friendly environment, that caters to all fitness levels, this is the place to be.
05:15 24 Apr 23
Bodysmith is a fantastic gym to gain confidence, achieve goals and make new friends. The trainers have pushed me to do things I never thought I could. They are definitely a warm and welcoming place to make some important life changes and learn about your strengths. Great bunch of guys here 🤩
Conrado TeshimaConrado Teshima
00:53 15 Mar 23
I’ve joined the gym a couple of weeks ago and what I have to say is that the gym is awesome! It has good equipments and many activities to do, I’m personally excited to participate the karate classes 🙂
Helen TylerHelen Tyler
04:23 22 Feb 23
BodySmith Fitness I'd not Like any other gym I have been too.Rachel and Matt are the one of the main reason I keep coming back.They are not only passionate about helping you to reach your goals but are genuinely interested in you. They have created a venue where you are accepted and valuedThats what makes this place so Amazing! My favourite class is "Pound " you have to try it. It speaks for itself music, cardio ripsticks and a whole lot of fun Daniel is such a motivational ,inspirational, joy filled human . Love her leadingWell done team thankyou for all you do.
Hannah LeeHannah Lee
01:14 04 Feb 23
I love the family feel at BodySmith fitness. There are professional and knowledgeable instructors but unlike huge gyms, you are known and supported by staff together with your fitness class/gym mates. It's been a great motivator getting back in to better health again. Thanks BodySmith team!
Maddy BarterMaddy Barter
05:43 29 Jan 23
BodySmith is a family friendly gym. I have yet joined a class, but I am happy doing my own thing and using equipment/learning how to use new things. Everyone at the gym is kind, and supportive. It’s a great community!As a 16 year old girl going to the gym with my Dad, I recommend BodySmith as it is very inviting and motivating. ☺️

JKA-KDA Karate

Membership Deal

  • Karate Uniform
  • JKA-KDA Membership and Insurance
  • Karate Passport
    (Once off)
  • Training to First Grading
    (Approx 3 Months)
  • First Grading Examination
    (includes belt and certificate)
    + Bonus BodySmith Gym Membership
    (3 Months)


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  • Learn New Skills

    Techniques, distance, body mechanics, balance displacement, Japanese culture, the 5 rules to live by, self defence and the art of Karate, to name a few.

  • Health and Fitness

    Strengthening, increasing flexibility, feel lighter and stronger will help you in everyday life.

  • Improve Your Coordination

    Balance and coordination will improve any sport or daily physical activity.

  • Develop Self Control

    Mastery over your mind and body are taken to a new level learning a genuine Japanese martial art.

  • Gain Recognition

    Be recognised world-wide for your rank in JKA Karate, the largest single style Karate organisation in the world, headquarters in Tokyo.

  • Increase Confidence

    Maintain control by understanding situational awareness and resistance to bullying, whether in the work place, school or social circles.

  • Become Goal Oriented

    Being a Karate Black Belt even goes a long way on resumes, demonstrating confidence, resiliance, commitment, dedication, self control and a balanced temperament.

"A Karate Black Belt and JKA Diploma says more about the character of a person, is harder to achieve, is more coveted, and is at least as valuable in life as any academic degree, and in many cases, more so."
- Matt Smith 3rd Dan JKA Sensei

JKA KDA Noarlunga

Limited Offer!

Your initial membership setup includes membership into the JKA-KDA, which is our Australian organisation, run by Shihan Jim Woods MBE 7th Dan.  This also requires membership into the JKA (Japan) and both are included to meet the insurance requirements of the organisation, which is also included in the price.

    JKA Membership

    Membership Deal

    • Karate Uniform
    • JKA-KDA Membership and Insurance
    • Karate Passport
      (Once off)
    • Training to First Grading
      (Approx 3 Months)
    • First Grading Examination
      (includes belt and certificate)
      + Bonus BodySmith Gym Membership
      (3 Months)


    The BodySmith Bonus

    As a member of JKA Christies Beach, you also have access to BodySmith Fitness 247 Gym. 

    • 24/7 Unrestricted Gym and Dojo access
    • Full Range of Fitness Classes 
    • Infrared Saunas
    • Bathroom Facilities

    *13 years of age + are eligible for gym membership. 
    *16 years of age + are eligible for 24 hour access. 
    *Under 18 years of age requires parental consent.

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    Beyond your first grading...

    Karate is not an expensive sport.  Moving forward, you will already have a dogi (uniform) and JKA passport and be paid up in your annual membership and insurance (due each financial year), so ongoing costs are mostly just training, and gradings are only attended as you become ready for the next rank/belt.  

    • Training $20/week (fortnightly Direct Debit)
    • Gradings $65ea (Strictly by invitation when ready, up to 4 times annually. Price depends on age and grade)
    • Memberships and Insurance $70 annually (due prior to new financial year)
    • Seminars and Competitions vary in regularity and cost

    We sometimes have guest instructors.  Training under different instructors brings fresh perspective and varied emphasis, unlocking new knowledge and skills.

    By training at JKA Christies Beach (Sensei Matt Smith), you belong to JKA Adelaide (Sensei David Rigby), which means you also belong to JKA-KDA (Shihan Jim Woods), which also makes you part of the international JKA community (headquarters in Tokyo)!  This is (Genuine) traditional Japanese Karate.  Our Instructors and examiners are trained and licensed by the Japan Karate Association in Tokyo.

    Should it appeal to you, you can literally turn up in Tokyo (or any other JKA Dojo in the world), show your JKA Passport and membership card and walk in to train in the same Dojo as the highest ranking Masters of Shotokan Karate in the world!  Many of us have been there and done that, and you can too!  Your rank/belt will be recognised and you will be trained accordingly.

    Gradings become further apart for higher grades, exponentially so for Black Belts.  Students starting from scratch should not expect to earn a black belt in less than 5-10 years of solid training.

    Operating 24 Hours

     Staffed Times:


    9am–12pm, 3pm–6pm

    Tuesday9am–12pm, 3pm–6pm
    Wednesday9am–12pm, 3pm–6pm
    Thursday9am–12pm, 3pm–6pm
    Friday9am–12pm, 3pm–6pm
    Sunday/Public HolidaysUnstaffed

    Christies Beach gym near Morphett Vale
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