Adelaide Karate Seminar

Kurt Graham and Jason Griffiths
Saturday Feb 17th, 10am – 4pm

We have the privilege of hosting

Kurt Graham Kyoshi 7th Dan

(from New Zealand) and

Jason Griffiths Renshi 5th Dan

(from Queensland)

Focus: ‘Kata Dai’ Applications, Self Defence and retstraint

All martial artists from varying styles are invited to attend.   This seminar is an open event and Jason and Kurt’s teaching style comfortably bridges the gap between styles and grades.  You’ll notice below the testimonials from instructors of many different styles; from Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, Shito-Ryu, Kyokoshin, Ju-Jutsu, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Zen-Do-Kai, Judo and the list goes on.  Please wear your normal training uniform and belt.

Although this session will be based around the bunkai (application of the segments) of the Shotokan kata known as “Kanku Dai”, the applications are not strictly limited to Shotokan Karate, or even Karate itself, as Kurt and Jason do not primarily or exclusively study Shotokan themselves.

Their ranks listed are of Koryu Uchinadi Kempo Jutsu (loosely translated – ‘Old School Okinawan Karate’, effectively the melting pot of arts which became modern day Karate) and involves the study of multiple styles and disciplines from which Karate was originally derived, to what it has diverged and become today.  Both of them hold Dan grades in multiple styles (to seriously understate their credentials).  Kyoshi Kurt Graham (NZ) and Renshi Jason Griffiths (Qld) are a pair not to be missed!

  • Kurt Graham

    Kyoshi Kurt Graham

  • Renshi Jason Griffiths

    Renshi Jason Griffiths

1x 2-3hr Session – $30
Whole Seminar – $45

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Matt Smith 2nd DanIf you have ever had the fortune to train with either Jason or Kurt personally, then you don’t need me to explain what a privilege and rare opportunity it is to spend time on the mat with these guys.  They are like machines with endless knowledge and skills! They have added dimensions and potential to my training that I would never have imagined existed.  I am always blown away with their insight, depth of knowledge and ability to teach it.  I am fully convinced there are aspects and history to the understanding of all styles, which are difficult to perceive from purely within the confines of the style itself, as no modern style developed entirely on it’s own or from scratch, and that is where these guys shine!
Matt Smith
2nd Dan Shotokan

An action-packed weekend as Kurt and Jason tour several styles and clubs across Adelaide – Hours you will remember for a very long time!

“Feel like there must be more to karate or kata? THERE IS!  Are you searching for realistic kata-based applications and self-defence orientated two-person practises that further explain the practise of kata? What if there was somewhere to gain access to that knowledge?”

You will not find a better way to spend a Saturday, rest assured.

How many techniques exist in kata that have been explained as simply another way to defend against the same striking attack?  Was that really the original intention?  How many layers have you peeled away from your favourite katas?

“We have a strong passion for promoting this type of applied karate in realistic contexts (HAPV – Habitual Acts of Physical Violence) with the hope of enhancing the credibility and functional practise of kata (and karate), by shifting back the focus from the sports-orientated ‘form’ to its original design of providing a ‘functional’ basis of civil self-defence. It should become evident from the content on display, that kata when understood and taught correctly contains all the elements of a highly-effective self-defence system.”

Check out what some others have had to say about Kyoshi Graham and Renshi Griffiths…

Rare Opportunity - !

“Seminars are available and cater for the hosts’ specific needs, a typical seminar can cover Atemi-waza (striking), Shime-waza (Chokes & Strangulations), Nage-waza (Balance-Displacement), Kansetsu-waza (Joint-Locking & Restraints), Ne-waza (Groundfighting), Tegumi Renzukogeiko (two-person drills) and if desired TCM-based Kyusho-jutsu (Pressure Point Fighting) amongst other technical aspects of traditional budo.”

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