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At BodySmith Fitness we also offer a range of extra services you don’t normally find in a fitness centre, such as  traditional Shotokan Karate in Adelaide, with Sensei Matt Smith 3rd Dan JKA.

Sensei Matt Smith 3rd Dan JKA

We are part of JKA Karate Adelaide Sensei Dave Rigby 5th Dan JKA, under the guidance of Shihan Jim Wood MBE 7th Dan JKA.  Members can gain skills, achieve belts, learn self defence and potentially even compete in karate tournaments as a sport.  Fantastic for building confidence, strength and coordination, self discipline and self defence classes in Adelaide.

Our JKA Christies Beach Karate dojo is part of the 24 hour BodySmith Fitness Centre and members have access to practice in their own time, as well as our instructed classes.  We do participate in seminars with the larger Karate community, training with national and even international instructors, keeping our standard very high.

We currently have a Karate beginner package that takes care of everything you need to achieve your first major Karate goal and get you through your first grading and into your first coloured belt grade.

Karate is not an expensive sport/committment/hobby but there are obviously some expenses along the way. Training fees, a dogi (uniform), membership and insurance, grading examiner fees, etc, so we put together a beginner package that will take care of everything (some one off fees and some ongoing) so there's no surprises until you're a coloured grade and fully sold on what you're doing!

Karate BodySmith Dojo Christies Beach

Budo Attitude

In addition to learning enough skill to be dangerous, martial arts teach control, awareness, respect, temperament and maturity to enable you to effectively use those skills, and build charater that will benefit your life.  It's far more than a self defence class in Adelaide or anywhere else.

Karate Lessons Near Me

Our philosophy concedes that all styles have weaknesses, but that’s no reason to be a ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’, so as much as we try to fill the style gaps that exist during training, we specialise in what Shotokan Karate excels in and will continue to do so.

Karate Training Comprises

  • Kihon (Basic Fundamentals)
  • Kumite (Fighting)
  • Kata (Forms)
  • Bunkai (Application of Kata)
Adelaide Karate Basic Kumite

Adelaide Karate Gradings

Students have the opportunity to grade all the way to black belt and beyond, with an internationally recognised JKA grade in Shotokan Karate in Adelaide, under David Rigby Sensei 5th Dan JKA, 5th Dan AKF.

Karate Grading JKA Adelaide

Karate Philosophy (Dojo-Kun)

  • Seek Perfection of Character
  • Be Sincere and Truthful
  • Put Maximum Effort into Everything You do
  • Respect Others as Yourself
  • Develop Self Control and Discipline

Karate For Life

There are so many aspects to Karate and ways it enriches and benefits your life. From self defense to sporting achievements, it is one of those things in life that doesn't come easy, but if you're prepared to put in the time and the effort you will develop a mindset to be positioned to succeed in whatever you put your mind to in life.

Adelaide Karate for Adults and Kids

Matt and Justin 2nd Dan Grading

Karate Uchi Uke

Karate Kumite

Mawashi Geri Kumite

Karate Competition Adelaide

Students learn the value of winning and losing, effort and reward, respect, honour and patience.

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