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Finally, A Simple Book That Deals with the BIG Questions,
Who Created God and
Why Does God Allow Suffering
Using Only Common Sense and The Bible!

Wake Up and Smell the Glory Christianbook

Wake Up and Smell the Glory

Come and join me on a journey of discovery, as we dispense with all the big theological words, the 'Christianese' and any Church imposed extra-Biblical doctrine.  Let's have a realistic conversation about the important things in life and how they affect you!

The BIG Burning Questions...

  • If God Created Us, Who Created God?

    Is it possible to actually prove God exists?

  • Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    If God is so loving, then how come He sends people to hell?

  • What IS Faith?

    How Does It Work? And What's In It For Me?

  • Can You Really Hear God's Voice?

    Do your prayers consist of conversation or monologue? Wait, ...what? Conversation?

  • Religion Vs Relationship...

    Is Christianity about rules, or a Living Relationship with The Loving Creator of the entire universe?

  • Living in a Time of Fake News...

    How do we even recognise the Truth?

  • And Much More...

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Wake Up and Smell the Glory Christianbook

Here's my little story about how God healed me to deliver this message...

When I first met Jesus, I was working on the production line at a GM plant in South Australia.  It was hot, we were spot welding all day long and it wasn't really a Christian-friendly environment.  I was a bodybuilder and enjoyed martial arts.  My partner had left left me and my time with my 1 year old son was limited.  I was big, I was strong, I was a little angry and I was making some very dubious life choices.

There were lots of different groups in that workplace, but I certainly didn't fit in with the pot-head tough guys, who liked to argue with the Christians.  I nearly lost fingers and limbs on that line because some of them were too spaced out to be operating the machinery that clamped the razor sharp bodywork of the cars together, while some of us had to get in close and weld.

So one day I was roped into one of their arguments, and surprising to all of them, I defended the Biblical position of the Christians in an argument on the line, and I got an invite to have lunch with the strangely interesting bunch of Christians, so I went.  A whole new world was opened up to me.  A world which was always there, hiding somehow in plain sight the whole time.  These guys, from various denominations and areas of the plant, came together at lunch times and showed me the spiritual side of Christianity I had never seen before.  The things they were teaching me were real!  I was discovering new things with them every day, in conversations and discrete prayer time and Bible study, and the experiences of my life began to make sense.

Months went by and I was learning very fast!  There was a lot of cautioning, but also a lot of exploration and honest questioning.  Not just with my new found friends, but also when I went home alone, studying my new Bible and writing down what I was learning, trying to join the dots together correctly and asking God to confirm it to me.  Daily I prayed for wisdom and understanding, knowledge and discernment, and God answered me.  I spent hours each day asking good, spiritual Christians all my questions about anything and everything.  I began writing things down, more and more until I bought a computer, so I could keep my thoughts organised.  Paper and pen just wasn't cutting it!

But the strange part was, when I eventually began attending a Church.  I had already been learning and then conversing with The Holy Spirit daily, but when I approached the subject with people at Church, I was met with a vacant gaze I had seen from others, but didn't expect in Church.  I thought these people would certainly understand where I was coming from.  I mean these people were going to Church every week, many of them2, 3 or 4 times a week!  And yet, the response I got from people within the Church was little different to the response I got from non-Christians.  It wasn't long before I realised that I had to be careful what I said about God and our conversations even INSIDE the Church!

Fast forward 7 years - My then wife came home and admitted she had gone to another Church, where nobody knew me, so she could complain to the Pastor about me and have them console her plight out of ignorance.  But the Pastor was set on ignoring her complaints.  Instead, prophetically insisting that, "Your husband has been doing something for God for the last 7 years.  What is it?"  My wife admitted that I had been writing a book for the last 7 years and the Pastor exclaimed, "That's it!  God says it MUST be completed by Christmas!  Go home and tell your husband!"

Now, to set the scene, at this time I was on injury leave from work indefinitely.  I had collapsed a disc in my back and was unable to work.  I'd had spinal surgery, which helped maybe 20% and I was permanently on morphine and other pain meds.  It took me a long time to get out of bed, a really long time to do anything productive and even longer to go to the toilet!  I had been in this predicament for 3 years already and no amount of prayer had been able to fix my back.  Around a month after my injury, in a prayer meeting, I heard God say that, 'It will be OK, but there is a time factor involved.'  What did that mean?!  A week?  A month?  3 months?!  I was in a lot of pain and chronic pain just refuses to leave you alone!  It's like Chinese water torture!  Now here I was, 3 years later, still waiting for my miracle healing, spending around 80% of my time horizontal to keep the pressure off my disc, I had lost the majority of my muscle mass, put on quite a bit of fat and I was weak.  My body that I had once been very proud of, was now very average.

So my wife came home and told me the story.  I was a bit surprised and even more perplexed about how I would manage the now God-given task of completing THIS book.  Sitting was high on my list of painful tasks, but the next day I got up and tried anyway.  After 15 minutes at the computer, I needed 30 minutes flat on my back to recover!  And the next 10 minutes required more like an hour to recover and it only compounded further from there.  And the book?  Well, it was maybe 60% complete, had no structure, no formatting, lots of Church vernacular and theological phrasing I thought was inappropriate and it needed a lot more research and referencing for me to consider it credible enough to present to the world.  I was somewhat of a perfectionist and this was just a random group of thoughts, loosely arranged into chapters!

After only two or three days I gave up, my mind too foggy to think through the chronic pain, I threw my hands in the air and petitioned to God, "I want to do what You've asked of me, but for me to do it, I need You to fix my back or it is impossible!  It is out of my hands!"  The following day I got up and tried again.  I spend 12 hours at the computer without any pain!  It had been over 3 years since I had been able to pull something like that!  The day after that was another 13 hours, then another 12 and so it went for the whole seven weeks leading up to Christmas.  My back was no longer a problem, and by Christmas I was no longer on any pain medication and I was slowly getting stronger. 

I got my miracle healing in the end and now I need to honour God with what He tasked me to do and distribute my book. Life has taken a few twists and turns since then, changing jobs, getting re-married, building a company and much more, so it has taken me a while to get any significant distribution off the ground.  But here we are, a little late to the party, but the devil will delay me no longer!  I've also been working on eBook and audio-book versions.

So, No Big Sales Pitch.
God Healed Me to Deliver a Message.
Decide for Yourself if You Want to Read it, but We Truly Are in the Last Days.

From the Back of the Book...

Wake Up and Smell the Glory - Back"Have you ever felt like that animated cartoon where the character is trying to make a moral decision and the little angel pops up on his shoulder to represent his conscience?  As he's talking to his conscience, a little devil pops up on his other shoulder to talk him into doing the wrong thing instead. 

Despite the cartoon antics, have you ever noticed how the angel talks TO him, respecting him as an individual, but the devil talks AS him, as if his words were the character's own thoughts?  Getting him to focus on the temptation, the sly little devil whispers its' words in his ear, as if it wasn't even there.  Well, welcome to life as it actually is!"

- Matthew Smith -

Use coupon Code: 'Save25Now'
To Save 25% off the price!

Introductory Price:
AU$19.95 + P&H ($9.95)

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